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1989 - Indianapolis, IN
1990 - Orlando, FL
1991 - Toronto, ONT.
1992 - Anaheim, CA
1993 - Dallas, TX
1994 - St. Louis, MO
1995 - Louisville, KY
1996 - Kansas City MO
1997 - Dallas TX
1998 - Louisville, KY
1999 - Kansas City, MO
2000 - Dallas, TX
2001 - New Orleans, LA 
2002 - Kansas City, KS  
2003 - Dallas, TX
2004 - no seminar held
2005 - Indianapolis, IN
2006 - Columbus, OH
2007 - Denver, CO
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  PAST Fire Museum Seminars
  14th Annual Fire Museum Seminar
  Kansas City Missouri • August 23-25, 2002
Preliminary Schedule for thE 2002 Fire Museum Seminar
Friday - August 23RD Saturday - August 24th Sunday - August 25th
Arrive KC Mo...
Fire-Rescue International Exhibits open at 11:00am
9:00 am Special FMN bus departs Sheraton Hotel for museum tours 8:30 am Announcements and new business
1:00 Opening remarks and Welcome by Jordan Pearl, Chairman of the Fire Museum Network, and Deputy Chief Paul Berardi Kansas City (MO) Fire Department
9:30 am Tour of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
9:00 am How To Get Your Fire Department Involved In Your Museum. Panel Discussion
1:15 pm Board the bus for an afternoon tour of museums. 11:00 am Tour of the Truman Library and Museum 10:00 am Panel Discussion: Restoration Vs. Preservation with Jane Rogers and Keith Franz.
1:30 pm Kansas City (MO) Fire Department History, Presented by Chief Charlie Fischer (Ret.) and Captain Ray Elder (Ret.)
12:30 am Lunch on your own 11:00 am Preview of 2003 program
2:00 pm History of the Philadelphia Fire Museum
Presented by Harry Magee, Curator, Philadelphia Fire Department
2:00 Collections Care on Low (no) Budget
Researcher, Division of Cultural History, Jane Rogers, Museum Specialist Smithsonian Museum of American History
11:30 am Presentation of the Fred W. Conway Award
3:00 pm Importance of Oral History of Your Fire Department Captain Dave Boucher (Ret.), County of Los Angeles Fire Department
3:00 pm Museum presentation - need to be more specific with title Keith Franz Venerable Fire Collection
noon Adjourn for 2002
See you next year!
4:00 pm Museum Management, Fundraising, Ethics, Etc. Ms. Carey Southwell, Executive Director, Denver Firefighters Museum
4:00 pm Hand in Hand Restorations by Ken Soderbeck
5:00 pm Adjourn, and return to the Sheraton Hotel 5:00 pm Adjourn, and return to the Sheraton Hotel
. 6:30 pm Dinner at K.C. Masterpiece BBQ (Dutch treat)
9:00 pm Informal "networking time" and an open discussion at the Sheraton Hotel. Bring your questions, comments, solutions and even pictures of your museum.