To the Fire Museum Network,

The past year has left all of us in a situation of uncertainty and frustration with cancelled plans, vacations, school trips, family functions and all the things we normally look forward to. As most of you in the Network know, Baton Rouge was supposed to host the 2020 Seminar but was curtailed by the pandemic. This is something we at the Bogan Fire Museum were looking forward to hosting and personally, as involved in my department and city as I am, the Fire Museum Network and its Seminar is the one participation I genuinely enjoy purely out of the joy of doing. It was a true disappointment to cancel the 2020 Seminar as the work we had put in was a true labor of love for me.

After much discussion with the other members of our board, some city and state officials we are back on track and feel confident that hosting the next Seminar in 2022 around May 19th thru the 22nd is doable.

A few reasons on the shift to early in the year and the delay in to 2022. First, the delay to 2022 is simply to give this pandemic its final agonal breath and the public officials in charge of containment the chance to finish their jobs which has dragged on with “new wave” after “new wave”. Personally, I look forward to a time when “new wave” is rock music reference again. But the vaccines are being distributed and hopefully will get this thing locked down.

The shift to earlier in the year was two-fold. We have delayed long enough on our Seminar and I am looking forward to it as I hope all of you are. Also, as some of you may know, the Southeast of the US can be a bit unpredictable in the second half of the year with the weather and I would hate to see further cancellations over another wild hurricane season. The weather in Baton Rouge is usually mild and sunny in May.

Some other notes on the Seminar are that we had planned on hosting in our museum which was about two blocks from the host hotel, but we are hoping to be in construction with a complete renovation and updated museum to show off in the future. With that, downtown Baton Rouge has a lot to offer in convention space and things to do and we will be able to accommodate accordingly.

Our goal is to make this Seminar, the biggest, most informative, and fun Seminar the Network has hosted to date and we are excited to put our best effort forward to do so. I will be sending out more official enrollments with pricing finalized as we develop our itinerary more.

I hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing y’all in 2022!

Laissez le bon temp rouller!!!!


Mike Paternostro

President of Board of Directors

Robert A Bogan Fire Museum