2020 was a terrible year, one best forgotten!

Now that the Covid-19 virus is somewhat abating, do our members feel safe enough to travel in order to attend a Fire Museum Seminar in Baton Rouge?


Mike Paternostro of the Robert A. Bogan Fire Museum in Baton Rouge has agreed to host our next Seminar, but is certainly aware of the concerns of our Members relating to travel. 


His plans currently center on the September/October/November timeframe (2021), but would like to know if our Members would prefer to wait until 2022, in the March/April/May timeframe.  

The Fire Museum Network will work to support Mike to make this a safe, enjoyable, and informative event, but we need your input to begin our planning!

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Thanks! We'll let you know the results of our survey in the next FMN newsletter and on this website!