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So - ya wanna
start a fire museum...

A Helpful Guide

I have often said, “Someday I need to write a book on how to start a fire museum.” About once a month I get an e-mail or phone call asking for advice on how to start a fire museum.

These inquirys are generally followed up with me asking what stage of the process they are in - be it organizational development, fundraising, collections work, or setting up the exhibits and making it run on a day-to-day basis. I then send off an envelope with helpful information - copies of handouts that have been presented at the various Fire Museum Seminars or that I have developed based on my own personal experiences. I have tried to simplify this process, (and my life) by posting all this information here instead of copying and mailing.

In addition to the “how-to” pages I am developing a page of fire and general museum resources....

This information section is by no means complete. Below you will see a few sections with no links, I'll be working on developing and expanding this area as my time permits. Hopefully (when we get enough information about each section) I would like the Fire Museum Network to offer these “how-to” pages printed out and placed in a notebook binder.... but in the meantime you'll have to do the printing yourself.

Remember - starting and operating a fire museum is HARD WORK - Good Luck!

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