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Hall of Flame Museum's 60th Anniversary Edition Newsletter

Happy New Year from your Fire Museum Network. As we were preparing to send out this newsletter there were some last minute changes regarding both new COVID restrictions nationwide, and from our potential seminar host, so here is all the latest news!!


From the President

The past two years haven’t been without their challenges, but we’ve made it through, and we can’t wait for what 2022 will bring!

The Covid-19 pandemic is not over, not by a long shot, although some experts believe it will “run its course” in the coming months.  Maybe, just maybe.  And just maybe, things can get back to normal.

But, what is going to be “normal”?

I think masks are probably going to be here for a while, and certainly the personal hygiene practices will be encouraged (what, we didn’t wash our hands before Covid?) as well as vaccinations, social distancing, and quarantines.  Who knows what’s going to pop up next?

At the core of who we are, the Fire Museum Network wants you and your Museums to be successful. That’s why we stick to our core values, through thick or thin; Doing the right thing; honoring commitments; building relationships; and being a resource for our members.

Regarding the Fire Museum Seminar, it’s disappointing that Baton Rouge is unable to host the Seminar this year, but your Board met recently concerning the Seminar, and we are working to resolve that issue.  Don’t forget to keep checking back on our website in the coming weeks for more information!

 Once again, Happy New Year to all!

In the meantime,

Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Stay Tuned!

Bob Heckman, President

Fire Museum Network, Inc



We are extremely grateful to all, who included the network in the past, and encourage you to include the FMN in your 2022 giving, at whatever level is comfortable. All funds are used for the operation of the network, and for grants to attend the seminar.





Did your Museum reopen?  Many states and regions are relaxing restrictions but we still need to be diligent. For some museums a whole new way of operating is now the norm, in some cases leading to a more personal experience for our visitors.  Check out our forum to read about members experiences, or to share your own. You will need to register as a member of the website; simply enter your email address and create a password to register (becoming a “member” of the website is different than membership in the Network) You do not need to register to read the posts here:



Share your newsletters. Many museums produce a digital newsletter. Think about sharing this newsletter with your fellow museums. We all can benefit from the ideas of others.





Bill Hall, FMN board member and founder of the Central Ohio Fire Museum in Columbus Ohio submitted this photo two of the founders of the museum. What a great tribute by their museum.

Central Ohio Fire Museum founders with grandsons during FF’s Memorial open house in October. Past Fire Museum Network president Bill Hall on right, retired Columbus FF/Paramedic and Division Historian. On left Robert Throckmorton, retired Columbus Lieutenant and historian. Note names on coat tails on wall mural in kids play area.


Meet the Board

Your Network is governed by a board of nine volunteers, each elected for a three year term. You can contact them through the email contact form on the website, or directly at their email addresses. We are always looking for new enthusiastic volunteers; as you can see we come from all levels of experience and backgrounds.

Bob Heckman, Texas

Tom McDonald, Texas

Tom Wynn, Texas

Bob Vallero, Colorado

David Lewis, Illinois former curator of the Aurora (Illinois) Fire Museum and founding member of the Fire Museum Network

Debby Davis, Illinois retired director of the Aurora (IL) Fire Musuem

Don Dodd, California

Frank Taff, Indiana

Of Special Interest
Submitted by Frank Taff, FMN Board Member

The Little Engine that Could!
Volunteer Fire Department's Response to 9/11 Airplane Crash at Pentagon

The September issue of Journal of Antiques and Collectibles includes these articles:

--Mechanic Fire Hat Company, pg. 24, by FMCA board member Carol Smith.

--Fire Marks, pg. 28

--Leather Fire Buckets, pg. 36

Click this link for the magazine--

Tampa Fire Museum Honors Firefighters Killed at Station in 1981

Take a Look at the Auckland Fire Brigade's Museum and Historical Society's Latest Newsletter
"Priority Message"

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