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May 2024

Not much to report on this month, summer fast approaches and museums are gearing up for musters, increased tours and other events. Let us know and we can help to get the word out.  



BY Bill Hall

Every fire museum (any non-profit) should always include planned giving, also known as estate planning, in all donor contacts and publications. A short appeal on a regular basis keeps the topic in mind, especially as our donor base ages. It may just appeal to a donor doing estate planning. Who of us wouldn’t be thrilled to be notified that our museum is a recipient of a donors’ interest in our mission and their generosity? Keep the message out there in your on-going fund-raising efforts. 


Will there be a seminar this year? YES!! Our host,The Houston Fire Museum is finalizing contracts and will be sending information very soon. They are planning for late October so stay tuned.


The Board is considering a short survey to better provide networking information to our members. If there is something you would like to see included, send your request to


Meet the Board

Your Network is governed by a board of nine volunteers, each elected for a three-year term. You can contact them through the email contact form on the website, or directly at their email addresses. We are always looking for new enthusiastic volunteers. As you can see we come from all levels of experience and backgrounds.

Bob Heckman, Texas

Tom McDonald, Texas

Bill Hall, Ohio

Bob Vallero, Colorado,

Don Dodd, California

Frank Taff, Indiana

Jim Stillman,

Gene Brown, Oklahoma,

Verne Bickers, Ohio, firefighter_


This newsletter is intended for our membership, and for all who are interested in preserving and interpreting the history of the fire service. Please forward to your membership, your board members and anyone else who may benefit.

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